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Eita logistics

EITA LOGISTICS – is a cargo shipping company by road transport. We provide services for both trucks owners and logistics companies. Our employees have the Certificate of Professional Competence Allowing to Organize Cargo and Passenger Transportation Activities by Road Transport. The company specialists have 6 years experience as road carriers working in Lithuania and Germany.

Extensive experience in logistics allows us to use advanced organizational methods for efficient road transportation. We understand the importance of time efficiency in logistics – therefore our operators work on 24/7 schedule.

We speak English, German, Russian, Polish, and Lithuanian and can solve logistics challenges all around the Europe.

If you are an owner of the trucks and you want to hand management of your trucks over ot an experienced road logistics company with guaranteed monthly millage, we are for your service. For more information, please, read here.

If you are logistics company or cargo owner and you are looking for competent professional road carrier with experience and responsible operators, who are able to efficiently solve logistics challenges, we are glad to help you. For more details, please, read here.